Personable Marketing on Social Media

With any business in today’s world, internet promotion and marketing is an incredibly important thing.  However, that does not change the fact that people typically do not like advertising, and so if you are using social media strictly to promote your small business, you might run into a few problems in the process.  If you are an unknown business, people are unlikely to like your page until they have become familiar with you and have actually become customers.  Those who are not familiar with you are unlikely to like your page simply so they can see advertisements for your business pop up on their newsfeed.  This means that there is a dilemma when it comes to attempting to use social media to attract new customers.

The best way to deal with this, in my experience, is to make your social media page as personable as possible.  You want to let the people out there know that you are not just randomly posting ads for your business, but that there is a real person behind the page that is willing to have conversations with people.  This means that you need to actually interact with those on social media rather than just advertising to them.  Ask them what they like and what kinds of promotions might get them interested in trying out your product.  Take their suggestions seriously and let them know that their feedback matters to you.  This will help you to build a relationship with them, and then you can earn their trust and build their curiosity for the product or service you are offering.

It is, in my opinion, far better to take this approach than it is to blindly post ads.  If you treat your potential customers like humans, they will likely reciprocate.