The salt in the saltron mini is actually good for you

Table salt is bad for you, that much has been proven. People have a high habit of throwing too much salt over the food which would have been otherwise healthy for them had it not been for the high sodium content. Most processed and packaged supermarket foods still contain excessive amounts of sodium in it. But the salt in the solaxx saltron mini it turns out is actually good for you. This is because the chlorine generators in use and the technologies that have been built around and are powering them, generally speaking, have been highly effective in carrying out its purifying purposes.

saltron mini

Today, salt water chlorine generators are still gaining in popularity. Pool owners, commercial or domestic, cannot fail to see all the positive outcomes inherent in these generators’ pool sanitization techniques. The Solaxx CLG20A Saltron Mini Drop-in Chlorine Generator turns out to be one of the best chlorine generators on the market today. Features and pros far outweigh negatives which won’t be mentioned in this informational article.

Three key features of the Solaxx are its chlorination mechanism, the amount of water it is able to chlorinate and it’s sophisticated and easy to control system control panel and display. Water containing diluted salt is passed over a chlorine cell inside of the generator. Electric currents break down the sodium chloride into hydrogen and hypochlorous acid. The acid is responsible for the effects of effective sanitization.

The Solaxx is specifically designed for use on domestic pools, spas and even baths. It has the ability to chlorinate between 600 to 2000 gallons of water, just as long as the water has a salt concentration of 3000 parts per minute. The chlorinator’s system control is essentially digital.