What’s the Cost of an Electric Fireplace?

Many homeowners who wish to add a fireplace to their home choose the new electric versions for that addition. The benefits of the electric fireplace are numerous, however, you’re probably wondering exactly how much money you’ll hand over to add one of these technologically-savvy units to your life. It is only reasonable that you want to know the costs since money isn’t handed out freely at any market in town.

When you purchase an electric fireplace, there will be several different factors that influence the costs of that purchase. First and foremost, the brand is a top factor in price. Shoppers who want a quality brand and an affordable price oftentimes choose the Burkfield brand for their purchase. Burkfield shoppers know that this brand has the best electric fireplaces and awesome prices to match.

Other considerations that influence the cost of the electric fireplace that you purchase include:

–    Time of Purchase: Summertime deals may provide significant savings if you purchase your unit during the warm months of the year.

–    Installation: Freestanding fireplaces are available and for most homeowners the preferred fireplace choice. However, if you elect a fireplace that must be installed, tally those costs into your total.


–    Features: Special features create uniqueness in a fireplace. An array of features can be found in the fireplaces, such as colored flames or fire sounds. These features add ambiance to the fireplace but also tack on the costs.

Comparing a variety of fireplaces is the ideal solution to getting the model that you want at a price that won’t break the bank. The factors above all influence the cost of your fireplace, but this isn’t to say that many affordable choices aren’t out there waiting for you to pick from.